We’re dedicated to safety. The focus of every employee on accident prevention, combined with comprehensive safety policies and programs, has earned Apache one of the lowest experience modification rates (EMR) in the industry.

   The efforts of our people go far beyond simply ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local safety regulations and requirements. A written safety plan is prepared for every project, detailing the hazards specific to the project and recommending ways to minimize their threat. Specialized training is then provided for addressing unique hazards such as confined spaces, heights, respiratory exposure and any other job-specific risks.

“Safety First” is not just a slogan—it’s the culture we foster daily."

Who We Are

   We are a family owned business with over fifty years of experience between the two owners, David Sullivan and Tony Sullivan, who manage the day to day operations of the electrical division of Apache Fabrication Inc. We have the technical experience through complicated government and quasi-government projects to navigate the labyrinth of specifications and prequalification requirements needed to obtain timely approval and payment. We have the experience with complicated submittal procedures, certified payroll and the myriad of other issues that arise with projects of that nature.  


   On the other hand we are still managed by owners who have the ability to receive a call for help by a facility which is down and can have people on site and a plan in place to affect a repair in a timely manner. It is that flexibility which differentiates us from the other “big guys” in a meaningful manner. We have the personnel, experience and relationships with suppliers to make a daunting task less stressful and we’ll keep you informed of the scheduled progress while we do it.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a team of electrical contracting professionals dedicated to delivering the best service by using cost-efficient planning and technical solutions, while never compromising quality workmanship or materials.