Code Compliant -  Our work is performed to be compliant to the applicable code in the  jurisdiction. We have years of experience in that arena. A look at the NFPA 70 is enough for many to know they might need some experienced help. We can provide that service.  

Specialty Projects - Fire repairs (including feeders), grounding, lightning protection recommendations and installation, large wire pulls, etc.   

Shutdowns - Clean, lube and exercise of appropriate equipment, Expedited demolition and installation of new equipment in predetermined time period, Shifting load where needed, Utilize NFPA 70B and manufacturers recommendations to perform scheduled maintenance.   

Generators - Maintenance, Sales and Installation, Uninterruptible power supply and installation, Dedicated circuits, Determining load requirements, and Specialty projects.   

Governmental - Revitalize and rehabilitate buildings, Parking lot and interior lighting with extensive LED and High Bay Fluorescent experience, Healthcare and more.  

Commercial - Office buildings, Restaurants, New Services, Troubleshooting, Lighting (interior and exterior), Churches and others.  

Industrial - New Construction, Retrofit and revitalize existing buildings,  plant support, Industrial complexes, Lighting retrofits, Voice/Data installations, Plant expansions, Emergency repairs, Design/ build, Instrumentation, Modification and additions and more.